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Why DTS as your Independent Professional Trustee?

DTS Experience & Expertise

The responsibilities and duties of a pension scheme trustee are complex, especially given the increasing compliance regulations and requirements. By appointing a professional trustee, the scheme immediately benefits from extensive and practical experience in pensions. Dedicated Trustee Services are independent, professional trustees with over 20 years' combined experience in all aspects of Irish pensions - legal, investment, actuarial and administration. DTS brings the benefits of this hands-on expertise to pension schemes, giving employers the peace of mind that their scheme is being overseen by professional and experienced trustees.


Trustee training is now an important requirement of pension scheme trustees. Together with the need for trustee indemnity insurance and the risk of on-the-spot fines, this represents a considerable investment in both time and money for employers. Appointing an independent, professional trustee is often a more economical and quantifiable option.


Professional trustees should be entirely independent. DTS provide trusteeship services only - this is our sole "raison d'etre". Unlike most of our competitors, we do not provide any other services to the pensions industry and accordingly, are completely independent of all other service providers and stakeholders to your pension scheme. This is a considerable advantage where conflicts of interest can arise within a scheme and gives assurance that your scheme trustee will always act in the best interests of the scheme members and beneficiaries.

Peace of Mind

Appointing an independent, professional trustee brings peace of mind that all compliance and regulatory requirements and deadlines are met in an organised and experienced manner, leaving the employer free to concentrate on running its business

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